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Jason and Brisa are the creators of the beGREATER brand and the movements #beGREATER, #NoMoreBadDays, and #PinkyMoves movements. They are childhood friends and recently engaged!
Brisa was a regular, hard working, 32 year old woman who loved life – when a rare and severe stroke that resulted in "locked-in syndrome" changed her life forever. This syndrome, that affects about 1% of people who survive strokes, typically leaves them in a vegetative state, for which there is no treatment or cure. It is extremely rare for patients to recover any significant motor functions, and about 90% die within four months of onset.
Afraid that this prognosis would discourage Brisa's family and friends to start giving up hope, she fought and did not succumb to the odds! Brisa was determined to succeed and never gave up the will to keep on fighting. Her total commitment to meet and defeat the challenges she faced, ultimately resulted in making a complete physical recovery, which astounded everyone, including her doctors.
Who do you know that could benefit from learning how to tap into the power of their own minds? 
A broken childhood left Jason attempting to commit suicide at 15 years old. Living in a household of drug and alcohol abuse, one day while sitting in his room he decided to swallow approx. 12-15 pain pills in order to mask his internal battle. Jason remembers laying in his bedroom hours later not being able to move, not being to speak, or even see clearly. 
That same year in High School, he later found his release in the gym. In the beginning of his fitness journey, Jason used it as a mask-trading one type of pain for another. Throughout the years and into his adult life, fitness became molded into his lifestyle. Jason emphasizes that there is always a positive way out, you just have to focus on constructive motivation. Your outlet or driving force can come from so many different things. 
How you choose to use your mind to overcome seemingly unbeatable odds is absolutely up to you. Together, Jason and Brisa run a Stroke Survivor Coaching Business, helping survivors and their families to navigate from a hospital bed to their limitless life. 
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