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The Women's Equation Tee

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The Equation Hat

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The Original beGREATER Equation Tee

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beGREATER Pom Pom Beanie

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Jacqueline Looking Fly In Her Equation Tee!

 When people see this message it sparks an interest, it starts a conversation. "That equation, what is that? What does it mean?" 

Subtract Division Multiply Equality beGREATER.

It's an interest and conversation that the world needs to be having. It's time that we all let go of the divide between each other that we're seeing today. 

It's time for all of us to beGREATER!

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Mentors and Influencers, Twins Dotan & Aidan Joining Forces With This Message!

Today, more than ever we need a reminder that we are all human. We all hurt, we all feel pain, we all feel sadness, and we all can love and dream the same.

Why is it that this division we see today has drawn such a predominant line in the sand? We are ALL one. We are ALL equal. We ALL can do a little bit more to change what world we live in today.

Subtract Division Multiply Equality!

*Thank you Dotan and Aidan for all of your calls,ideas, and support with this launch. Follow these powerhouses on Instagram @dotanryder & @aidanryder


Take A Moment To Enjoy The Little Things

 With this fast paced and complicated world today, sometimes it's difficult for us to give time to ourselves. Take a moment to enjoy the beauty around you. Feel the summer rays on your face, breathe in the fresh air.

From California to Colorado and Italy to Nigeria, to Deborah standing under the sun in London, United Kingdom

Our goal is to take this global! Join our tribe as we all strive to make the world a better place. Join our mission and become a force to be reckoned with!

Be bold, Be a Voice, beGREATER!

"This message is going to have a huge impact! I can't wait to support this movement!"   -Deborah T.

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Join the Movement

Leading Our Children To beGREATER

Children learn to be great people from their parents, each other, and other adults. They many times share the values that we adults teach them. 

Children can learn to love one another before judging or saying hurtful words. Together, we can teach them to subtract the dividing line from someone that may seem to be “different".

These priorities and principles are what we need to teach our children, because they will often continue through life acquiring these same ideas. 

Teach them now and watch them become GREATER than us. 

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Show Them The Way

Hope and Empowerment!

"Be intentional. Live life by design, never by default." -Regina Diann

Regina’s mission has been to empower as many people as possible to fulfill their higher purpose by breaking free of any self imposed limitations...beGREATER is so happy to see our message directly inline with hers. 

Whether it be from ourselves or from someone else, we all need to learn to beGREATER. We love you Regina!

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Simply Speaks

beGREATER Equation Tank

How do you wear your Equation Tee?

Positivity is Contagious

Thank you so much! I am grateful for the blessing coming from you! A big air hug to you both!

Chiara/ Bologna, Italy

Please send 4 more bracelets so I can give to others in need. I also love the cards, please send those too!

Charmaine/ Circleville, NY

I'm a fan of math, the witty saying, equality, love, and the custom shirts!!! It's a no brainer for me!

Megan/ Vista, CA

 This is wonderful, you're going to have a big impact. I'm looking forward to supporting your brand. 

Deborah/ London, UK

Your package and card are awesome and made me feel super pumped about what's ahead! I'm so grateful!

Janna/ Plymouth, MN

This is a strong and daily reminder to make the choices that not only impact me, but also impact those I engage with to remove the things that don't serve and do more of the things that create more love in the world.

Matt G./ Vista, CA

beGREATER to me is taking it one day at a time and releasing all of the negativity and pain from my childhood and embracing life today. 

Emily C./ Victorville, CA

beGREATER means taking action in my workplace, in my self education, in my daily dialogue with friends and colleagues, in the hiring and policy decisions that I have in my control.

Nicole W./ Santa Barbara, CA

beGREATER is very meaningful. I plan to keep this in my everyday thoughts. Your inspirational words will always be in my morning thoughts. 

Rosie M./ Torrance, CA